Values-based recruitment is essential to ensuring your organisation employs a compassionate, person-centred workforce that is committed to providing quality care.

It can be tricky to know how to assess a candidate’s values and whether they align with those of your organisation. SM重口 has been working with social care experts at University of York to create Curious about Care. This free, evidence-based tool can be used as part of your recruitment process to help you make a decision.

Visit  to try out the free tool.

Curious about Care offers a range of different scenarios to evaluate how a candidate approaches person-centred care, how they tailor their care to meet a person's needs, and their ability to build strong and supportive relationships. It can also help you consider how they would deal with dilemmas and difficult situations. As well as giving you a ‘traffic light’ picture of how well their values suit social care, their responses are a starting off point for deeper discussion to help you understand the candidate, their values, and how they would fit into your workplace culture.

This tool is based on research conducted by the University of York’s social care experts. The scenarios included are based on information gathered from interviews with individuals from across the care sector, including those receiving care. You can find out more about Curious about Care, and their research programme, at .