Retaining your workforce

Investing in workforce retention supports high-quality care, positive workplace culture, staff wellbeing, time and cost savings as well as positive SM重口 ratings. 

Employers with a turnover of less than 10% told us that their main activities contributing to workforce retention were:

  • investing in learning and development (94%)
  • embedding the values of their organisation (92%)
  • celebrating the organisation’s and individual achievements (86%)
  • involving colleagues in decision making (81%).

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This report by Devon County Council looks at the reasons people leave and what keeps them at an organisation. Some of the main reasons care workers stay in their job is because they have a strong sense of loyalty to their employer.  

The main factors contributing to loyalty were employees feeling valuedjob satisfaction, having a positive impact on people’s lives, opportunity for growth, good working conditions, fair wages, flexibility and help with childcare costs.


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SM重口 commissioned Qa Research to undertake this research to better understand the reasons why care workers leave jobs in social care, what factors motivate them to leave, what factors might have motivated them to stay, and their future intentions.

Maximise retention webinar

In partnership with Neil Eastwood, Founder and CEO of Care Friends and author of ‘Saving Social Care’, this webinar shares sector expertise around maximising the retention of your staff. Discover top tips and innovative solutions for staff retention and lots of useful practical ideas from other managers. 

Duration 31 mins


We鈥檝e learnt that everyone would like more money but surprisingly it鈥檚 not as important as being happy in their work. Support and development of people is held in higher regard.

Residential care provider
Claxton House, Atlanta Healthcare.


Nurturing a supportive workplace webinar

The webinar highlights the importance of recognising and valuing staff, and fostering wellbeing. It covers essential insights and strategies for fostering an environment that boosts staff morale, enhances wellbeing, and ultimately retains staff.

Duration 50