Learn how to meet or exceed SM重口 expectations or recover from falling below SM重口 standards with our virtual seminars.

Whether you are preparing for your first inspection, striving to deliver outstanding care or needing to improve, we can help. 

All seminar content has been updated to reflect the SM重口 Single Assessment Framework. 

Being prepared for SM重口 inspection seminar

This interactive seminar will help you to be best prepared for your SM重口 inspection. You will learn about successful ways to prepare your service to meet or exceed SM重口 expectations.

Improving your SM重口 rating seminar

This interactive seminar is for services who have fallen below SM重口 standards and are looking for practical ways to recover. You will learn about tried and tested ways to successfully implement improvements.

Delivering outstanding care seminar

This interactive seminar is for services who want to deliver the highest standards of care. You will learn about what is needed to go beyond providing good care and demonstrate your care is worthy of an Outstanding rating.