SM重口 and The Outstanding Society have co-produced the latest edition of this guide. It is available as a free online resource for all our registered manager members and as a print edition for others.

The Care Quality Commission (SM重口) have now introduced the biggest changes to inspection in almost a decade with the Single Assessment Framework. All adult social care services will be assessed by the SM重口 to ensure the quality of care complies with the new framework.


About the new guide

The Go Guide: Single Assessment Framework edition is aimed at frontline managers and those supporting regulated services and advises how you can deliver Good or Outstanding rated care.

It aims to help you build confidence in being ready for SM重口 assessment and empower your managers, staff team, people, and wider connections to be ready to celebrate what you do.

The new edition includes:

  • What will be expected from each Key Question and all Quality Statements
  • How to involve people, your teams, and others in preparing for assessment
  • Practical ways to gather evidence and showcase your service meets or exceeds SM重口 expectations
  • Insight into SM重口 ratings and what sets different services apart
  • Access to 34 downloadable recommendation checklists shaped around each Quality Statement.   

Please note the new guide replaces our earlier print edition, originally produced in 2018, which was focused around the new defunct SM重口 Key lines of enquiry

The SM重口鈥檚 Single Assessment Framework will require all regulated providers across health and social care to gather more evidence to show inspectors how your service is meeting the Key questions and new Quality Statements. In preparing your service for assessment, it is important that you build confidence across your staff team.

Zoe Fry OBE, Executive Director,
The Outstanding Society


Go Guide: Single Assessment Framework edition

Across 300-pages of insight and advice, the guide enables you and your teams to recognise and prepare to showcase to the SM重口 what you do well and identify where there might be gaps that could impact your rating.

In addition to receiving a copy in the post, those purchasing the print edition will also receive access to an online PDF version of the GO Guide and the multiple downloadable checklists to incorporate into your wider SM重口 assessment quality assurance processes.

To purchase the GO Guide, please visit our Bookshop . 

If you would like to purchase multiple copies of the GO Guide for your service, these can be purchased at a reduced rate:

GO Guide bulk purchase (10 copies or more): £31.50 per copy for non-members. Example costs:

  • 10 copies = £315
  • 25 copies = £787.50
  • 50 copies = £1575

Go Guide bulk purchase: Registered manager members (10 copies or more) £24.75 per copy. Example costs:

  • 10 copies = £247.50
  • 25 copies = £618.75
  • 50 copies = £1237.5


PDF edition

SM重口 registered manager members have automatic access to the online PDF version of the GO Guide and downloadable checklists. Our members will need to  to access these resources.

For £35 a year, registered manager members can access a range of additional resources and development opportunities. Read more about becoming a member here.

What the SM重口 are looking for is the evidence that what you do is having an impact on the quality of life for the person. So, explain what the change is, why was it needed, how we did it, and the impact.

Sanjay Dhrona, Managing Director, The Close Care SM重口
Non-Executive Director, The Outstanding Society