We can support you to hire the right people and retain them by making values-based recruitment work for you through our dedicated programmes.

We currently offer the following programmes:


Recruiting for values programme

Over the course of three seminars, and through additional support, we’ll upskill staff who are involved in recruitment activity to recruit for values confidently and effectively and improve your workforce.

The programme covers:

The fundamentals of values-based recruitment

How to get the right candidates to apply and improve your talent pool by:

  • defining and communicating your workplace values
  • attracting candidates aligned with your workplace culture
  • implementing values-based recruitment strategies for improved selection and retention.

Values-based interviewing

A practical session exploring:

  • questioning and probing interview techniques to assess a candidate’s values and behaviours
  • how to record and assess a values-based interview.

Valuable conversations

How to retain the right people once you have them by upskilling staff involved in people management and focusing on:

  • the impact of your own attitudes and behaviours
  • how to break the ‘cycle of conflict’
  • how to use a ‘valuable’ approach to provide feedback
  • techniques to improve communication and understanding within your teams.

Providers will be invited back for a peer support session to share learning from attending the seminars.

There is also the option of receiving personalised one to one support to create action plans and review recruitment materials to implement programme learning into the organisation.


Cost: £7,650+VAT for up to 28 participants

Option with specialist one-to-one consultancy: £18,100+VAT for up to 14 participants 

Delivery method: Virtual via Zoom or Teams

For further information, please email:




Valuable people programme

This programme focuses on addressing the recruitment challenges encountered by the adult social care sector, placing an emphasis on ensuring employers develop sustainable policies and practices to create a supportive and values-led workplace culture to increase staff retention.

The programme includes three interactive seminars: 

  • Digital and practical recruitment solutions
    This seminar is designed support those involved in recruitment to become familiar with a range of social media and digital recruitment solutions to optimise recruitment practices and reach their target audience. 
  • Values based interviewing
    This practical session explores different question styles and probing interview techniques to assess a candidate’s values and behaviours.
  • Valuable conversations
    This seminar uses established theories and real-life examples to explore a new approach to constructive conversations, creating open and positive places to work, helping to retain staff.

These are followed by a personalised data retention report based on your Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (ASC-WDS) account showing factors that significantly affect turnover with recommendations for improving practice.

You’ll also receive tailored one-to-one support and action planning to personalise approaches and embed and review the learning and skills gained from the programme. There’s also a peer support follow up session.


This programme can be commissioned by local authorities or integrated care systems on behalf of providers in their area.

Cost: £43,074+ VAT for up to 14 participants

Delivery method: Virtual via Zoom or Teams

For further information, please email: