Managing people

Good leaders create a positive environment for their workforce, so they feel motivated and engaged in their role.

As a manager creating a positive workplace culture influences how you and your team members feel about their job and ability meet the right working standards so they can deliver high-quality care.


Code of Conduct

The Code of conduct sets the standard expected of all adult social care workers and healthcare support workers in England.

People performance management

Successful people performance management benefits include a valued, supported, and engaged workforce which can lead to job satisfaction and higher quality of care. Our people performance management toolkit can support you in this area.


We conducted an evidence review and held workshops that explored workforce productivity in adult social care. Our findings have lead to the development of the Workforce Productivity and Quality Model.


Your workforce is your most valuable resource 鈥 supervision plays a key role in supporting your workforce to deliver high-quality care and support.

Supporting lone workers

It鈥檚 important that employers establish a healthy and safe working environment for lone workers.


Wellbeing at work relates to every aspect of working life, from the working environment to how the workforce feels about themselves. Find out more.